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WoolWork Tin Can Knits-along: Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes…and hands!

Do you need more inspiration for the Tin Can Knits-along? I’ve got some for you right here and who knows how many you may be able to make during our winter KAL (1 Dec-14 Feb) I’ve knit and re-knit quite a lot of TCK accessories, and here are the ones calling out to me for this KAL, as well as the ones which are calling out to me again. All images (unless otherwise noted) belong to Tin Can Knits and are used with kind permission.  | Heads I made Loch from Handmade in the UK and I gave it away as a present – what a fool! haha! It was in Ripples Craft Sport and I really need to make it again – there are matching mittens too! Mountain Mist appears in Strange Brew and I think this would be beautiful in natural colours – but you could go mad, couldn’t you? Make them for all the family in their favourite shades.

General Wool-being

Hello pals! You wouldn’t be blamed if you had been thinking that blog posts were a thing of the past around here. My apologies! Every time I sit down to write a post (not a podcast post, but a good old fashioned blog post) I have the best intentions to get more posts out, but real life catches up and takes me away from the computer. In our lives online we often think of others being at the other end of the internet, attached to a device and ready to comment, post or “talk”. We’ve become attuned to thinking that the internet and social media means “fast” and that as quickly as we can type something, a response should also be generated. I’ve heard so often of designers in UK getting repeat social media posts, DMs and emails about a perceived issue with a pattern, over a very short period of time- often from people in countries on a different time zone than the UK, demanding a response. I do often think that the internet …