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British Wool Under a Fiver

| June 2016 update

This post has been updated to reflect current yarns in addition to those I mentioned in 2013 and also update some of the details. 

Unfortunately, 3 years on, some of you still tell me you think that buying wool is too expensive. I have a given very good examples of yarn for every budget on this website. I’d point you to this post on What is your cost of making if you wish to further investigate costs of your own crafting.

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Often, when it comes to yarn – particularly hand-dyed or rare breeds – I hear the following words ring out, in high-pitched & often disgusted tones…

…”HOW MUCH???”
And yes, it is true, there are some over-inflated price tags out there. I’ve stated my case before on why I think some wools are worth a higher price tag, but I am aware that a lot of knitters use acrylic or wool blends simply to keep down on the cost of their obsession hobby

There is no reason to avoid buying British wool – even if you are on the strictest yarn diet!  During my research into suppliers and stockists of UK wool I have found a plethora of affordable UK fibres which, I am positive, your pockets and stashes will appreciate…here are just a few.

Jamieson & Smith


Firstly, (I wouldn’t be allowed to call myself a Shetlander or a knitter if I didn’t remind you about…) Jamieson & Smith. Their Shetland jumper weight (4ply) is available from £2.85 (25g/125yards) in a wealth of dyed and natural colours.  This is a lovely yarn for those who love a really “sheepy” wool. Perfect for Fair Isle, awesome for shawls, socks and other accessories too. When you visit the website, or are lucky enough to visit the shop, it is the perfect sweetie shop for colour lovers. 

Their Shetland Hertiage range was created to speak of the hand-dyed hand-spun yarns used in old Fair Isle garments. It is a worsted spun yarn, incredibly soft and is available in jumper weight and aran for £3.20 and £4.00 respectively.


West Yorkshire Spinners

wys new colpirs


WYS have an incredible range of pure wools and machine washable blends which are incredibly well suited to many knitter’s budgets and yarny needs. Their Aire Valley yarns are 75% British wool and 25% nylon and are excellent value at under £5 for a 230m ball of DK (200m for aran). Since the launch of the Aire Valley there have lots of additions to the colour ranges, including the Cocktail Range (2016)  Also check out their 100% Blue Face Leicester yarns 50g/112m £4.85. They’ve added a Merino and Alpaca Illustrious range too, but at £10.95 they are a bit too deluxe a price for this particular post.

New Lanark

New Lanark Aran Silk

I love supporting British mills and New Lanark are one of my most favourites, particularly if you are looking for a work-horse yarn for sweaters and a great range of colours too. The double knitting weight costs a very lovely £3.50, with aran and chunky at £4.50. If like me you like their yarns with a touch of silk then these cost the top end of our £5 budget. If you are looking for sweater quantities of woolly wool then visit their website! 

Jamieson’s of Shetland 


Another British mill close to my heart is Jamieson’s of Shetland. (We are over getting Jamieson’s of Shetland and Jamieson and Smith confused now, yes? Two very different companies!) I love their Shetland Heather Aran, £4.50 for  50g / 92m, but they also have other yarns in their range which come under £5 – Ultra (lace), Spindrift (4ply) and Double Knitting are all, in fact, under £4!


British Yarn from Blacker

Blacker have a great range of wools blended from UK breeds from chunky through to 4ply. There are natural colours, but the dyed colour palette is quite scrummy – I think it would make a very attractive granny square blanket, but this is a great yarn for everything from head to toe. Prices are from £4.40 for 50g. Do visit their website to view the whole range of this great workhorse yarn.

Wendy Ramsdale


Wendy is a well known commercial yarn brand – usually producing wool blends or acrylic yarns. Ramsdale is 100% wool made with a blend of Masham wool and dyed and spun in Yorkshire. The yarn is a single ply, making for an interesting knit and pretty soft, floofy fabric. The colour range is also bright and incredibly tempting! You will find Ramsdale at a lot of stockists at around £3.85. 

As an aside, I am a big lover of this yarn and the fact that a commercial (and usually budget) yarn company have created an 100% British wool. There are quite a few large commercial yarn companies based in the UK and – for the most part – none of them are using even a little bit of British wool! Hurrah for TB Ramsden – makers of Ramsden – I hope more follow on! 


What a gem Sheepfold is for local British wool. You can search for wool by natural or coloured yarn and not only can you see which breed the wool comes from but, where possible, the website can tell you where the flock is from, the status of the breed (e.g. rare, endangered, etc) and where it was spun. What an invaluable resource for the discerning knitter!

Prices for natural wool vary according to breed, but start at £2.95

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Well, I hope that has been of some inspiration and has illustrated that buying wool doesn’t have to be bank-breaking. I think even if you were going to be knitting a large project these wool yarns would still be easier on the pocket.

Next time some more lovely UK wool for under £10!


| Information Images of West Yorkshire Spinners, Blacker Yarns, Wendy and Sheepfold are copyright to each. Other images are my own. Information correct at time of posting (2013, 2015, 2016) These views are 100% my own. I have not been paid to feature yarns/companies here.


  1. Katie says

    I have found Dingle DK from nicely priced and knitting up beautifully.

    • Diggle not Dingle! 🙂 (she said having grown up there). I agree, brilliant yarn. have you tried the BFL too?

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  4. Theresa says

    New Lanark wools have a great range of british wools priced below £5. All knit up really well as do the Cornish wools available from cornish Their Eco wools are very reasonably priced, knit well and produce a beautiful finish

    • louise says

      I adore NL. Was just thinking I could do with a chunky NL knit in my life 🙂
      Many thanks Theresa, I am considering updating these for 2014 so thanks for the tip!

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