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I am sure you read about the yarns released by the Women’s Institute & Hobby Craft – a quintessentially British…well, institution,  which has bypassed the high street and the LYS to team up with retail-park craft superstore chain to promote wool, mostly made from acrylic and spun outside the UK. The exception is their Heritage Unique Shetland yarn which claims to be 1oo% Shetland and spun in the UK from a family mill, established in 1798.

I probably should step of the soap box for at least one blog, plus there have been great responses to this topic already, from Spins and Needles and on the Ravelry forums.  So, instead of saying isn’t it a shame that a British federation (with a network of groups throughout the UK AND with a focus on the great things produced and available locally) such as this has decided to largely ignore the local yarn stores; I am just going to remind you that Saturday is Yarn Shop Day!

What better way to celebrate your local yarn store than to give it it’s very own day?! This is all thanks to Let’s Knit magazine.

Let’s Knit want to celebrate our LYS’s for all their expertise and advice, for stocking the yarns and patterns that we love and for encouraging us knitters with workshops and tuition.

Embrace this! If you have a LYS and don’t have to rely on online shopping* or giant superstores then run to your nearest LYS on Saturday and join in. If you love your yarn shop you can follow the link to find out which yarn stores near you are hosting Yarn Shop Day events, but really – even if they aren’t – just go, have a delve in the shop and chat to your LYS owner.

I have heard that some folks wish their local shops sold more British wool or needles and notions that they like – if your shop doesn’t have these things then ask! Maybe they’re not aware that they are missing a trick or maybe they don’t carry regular lines, but can make enquiries about single purchases especially for you – it can happen.

I sometimes do a wool shop shout out on the podcast, but on Saturday I will wave my pom-poms and cheer all LYS!

Support your local yarn store and revel in all the wonderfulness of what shopping locally means for all!

Which is your local yarn shop?

*Yarn Shop Day is celebrating bricks & mortar shops. However Indy dyers, spinners & yarn sellers rock hard online too! Woohoo for them!

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  1. I have to say that I was a tad disappointed by the offering from WI. The price point seemed steep considering the yarn is 100% acrylic. Just goes to show what you pay for a name.

    I’m very fortunate in that Penrith has 3 shops in town selling yarn. Shades of Wool sells your big standard yarn. You know; sirdar, Hayfield and the like. After much pester power (the owner is a tad set in her ways! 😉 ) it now stocks a great range of Opal sock yarn. We have Indigo which sells more artisan yarn. Crafts of Penrith has an increasing yarn offering.

    Between the 3 of these shops you can satisfy lots if your yarny desires. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

    All hail the LYS – when you HAVE to cast on that project now !!!

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