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Hapalong Part II – The Book of Haps

Announcing the return of the hapalong. I’ve been thinking since the last hapalong that there should be a little celebration of this book with another KAL. The fact that the hapalong is mentioned in the book means that your own hap projects have been saluted too and that is definitely worth casting on another hap, isn’t it? 

episode 49 spilling Edinburgh Yarn Festival beans!

I have lots in this episode, but I know what you really want to know…you want news from Edinburgh Yarn Festival juicy news don’t you? I have lots of beans to spill about vendors and more classes!!

assorted thoughts on swatching – #BreedSwatchalong

The enthusiasm of people who have expressed interest in taking part in the Breed Swatch-along is infectious, but it also makes me giggle a bit too. Here we all are, a bunch of wool-loving crafters all getting excited about knitting single breed swatches….SWATCHES…the one thing we know we should all do when it comes to approaching any knitted item and the one thing that most of us do not do.