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Procrastiblogging, moi?

Why, yes! I probably should be thigh deep in packing boxes right now, but The Lovely Fella is sleeping off his night shift and for once my desk is clear (cos I packed most of the things on it) and so I thought I would sit down and write a few words. Which is novel, isn’t it?

For those who aren’t on social media or ravelry (like the person who emailed me to say “shouldn’t you have an episode out now?”), I’m taking an unscheduled podcast break, as we have been given notice to move.

“Again!”, you may cry (I sure cried) and yes, it happened again. Unlike last time though (when we had shitty landlords and a flat that had lots of issues) we really loved living here and hoped we could be here for a few years.

I’ve learned my lesson that packing and moving leaves you feeling like a small damp piece of toilet tissue and so I’m not adding the extra work of writing, planning, researching, recording and editing the podcast for a few months. However, that doesn’t mean that everything else stops. We have a fortnight left on the Tin Can Knits-along and participants have been knitting up a storm! The chat thread has been lovely to read and there are some amazing finished objects in the FO thread.

I….I don’t have a good track record with finishing items on time for my KALs, but that doesn’t stop me trying. I started a Snowflake and it was too big, so it was ripped. I started my Lush (in aubergine Wensleydale) but there is far more that two weeks knitting left in.  There is hope! I do have a Tin Can WIP. the Posy shawl (in Navy Wensleydale!), but…well, we’ll see! 

If you are participating with us – and not currently blaming a house move on your inability to finish your WIPs – the deadline for posting your FO images is 23:59 (UK time) on Friday 14th February, Items do not need to be blocked, just finished (I never liked the rule about having items blocked before the deadline!)

With those two weeks left, there is still time to participate with a smaller Tin Can Knits make – I had some accessory ideas in this blog post, but just jump on over to the Tin Can Knits website and have a delve through the wealth of choice. Remember, if you have a TCK project that you cast on prior to the cast in date, you can still use this KAL to help you finish. Just mark your FO post “TIN CAN WIP”

| Prizes!

There will definitely be prizes, but for the time being I can’t access them all (cos packing!) but here are a few I can show you. I’m donating some prize yarns which took my fancy for prizes, including Whiteface woodland DK sock from The Knitting Goddess and some minis from Whistlebare. Judith from Fine Fettle Fibres has donated one of her British breed mitt kits and there are some prints of incredible artwork by @by.eilidh and these were donated by Eilidh’s mum, lovely listener Lorna (neveratalooseend)

John Arbon have donated a prize of three skeins of their new yarn, Yarnadelic to a lucky winner and they can choose their own shades!! (images John Arbon)


We’ve also had donations of 3 pattern prizes (winner’s choice) from the lovely Marce, Hey Brownberry

Pebbles and Pathways socks (C) HeyBrownberry on Ravlery

and Dagmar Mora has also offered 3 x pattern prizes of the winner’s choice from her designs too!

Sugar in the Plum (C) Fingertips on Ravelry

And there is more besides, but its mostly packed in a box! I will do a full prize list soon. Thanks to everyone who has donated prizes and thanks to everyone who is participating with the KAL, you are awesome!

Right! enough procrastinating!

Until next time, take good care!


  1. Thanks for the note. I’ll be sending you happy healing thoughts through the moving process and hope you land in an even better situation.

  2. You have my utmost sympathies regarding needing to move home, at one time it seemed like I was moving home every year (shortest stay was 5 months) and I found making what a friend called my “Princess Lisa box” seemed to helped me so much in the time before moving and moving day itself.

    Basically it was just a decent sized cardboard box that I would fill with an assortment of stuff that would feel familiar and “home” in the new place, regardless of the chaos of boxes that needed to be unpacked.

    I always started with a towel and something nice for a bath or shower, then a couple of Enya cassette tapes, a scented candle, a favourite book, some chocolate, a new soap, a pair of clean knickers and t shirt. A box of tea, some biscuits, treats for ericka then Bernard. A favourite small photo or picture that I could prop up and see. I always used to have a big stress panic mid packing, so spending a little time just putting together this box of things seemed to help me relax and focus a bit…. And then once I was moved, and unpacked the essentials, I’d have an hour or so to me to relax with a nice bath and Enya.

    Hope the next few weeks aren’t too stressful for you all xx

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