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episode 63 – a little bit of balance

We could all do with a big of balance at the moment, couldn’t we? With so much up in the air at the moment and so much of the skewed in the world at large – I aim for us to have a wee bit of balance over here in our little corner! I have got a meaningful knit story for you, (which was recovered from the big laptop death!) last year I spoke to Joanna Mouatt about two pairs of mittens her late Grannie made for her. There is also a Tale of the WIPs of Dooooom – cos balance! – Book of Hapsalong and more!

#BookofHapsalong – Which hap?

The one thing that most of you know is that you want to knit ALL the haps in Kate Davies’ The Book of Haps. Deciding on which one to cast on first is the tricky thing and then the next question is, which yarn?!

Hapalong Part II – The Book of Haps

Announcing the return of the hapalong. I’ve been thinking since the last hapalong that there should be a little celebration of this book with another KAL. The fact that the hapalong is mentioned in the book means that your own hap projects have been saluted too and that is definitely worth casting on another hap, isn’t it? 

episode 60 – a hobby that got a bit out of hand

Joy McMillan, The Knitting Goddess joins me for a chat today and we talk about her life before dyeing, the dye process and the incredible British wool bases that she loves to create with and exciting tidbits about new yarns!!